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Current quantum computing-related courses at UBC.

Introduction to Quantum Computing - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

In the past two decades scientists have begun to formulate and build a new type of computer called a quantum computer.  Immense gains in computational power have been shown to be possible with these kinds of computers, and the first commercial quantum computers are starting to appear. This class will teach students the fundamental aspects and applications of quantum computers.

We will begin by understanding the postulates of quantum mechanics and the matrix framework of quantum information science.  This will expose some of the most bizarre concepts in quantum theory that are actually crucial to the operation of quantum computers: the uncertainty principle, quantum measurement, entanglement, and spooky action at a distance. We will apply this framework to study quantum cryptography, quantum algorithms, and quantum error correction, and we will make use of development kits from IBM’s quantum experience program.  Finally, we learn about the implementation of quantum computers, including aspects such as decoherence, control, and quantum logic.

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