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Lukas Chrostowski


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty of Applied Science

My primary research area is in silicon photonics. Read more about it in my textbook – Silicon Photonics Design by Cambridge Press. The applications of this technology that I am interested in are: 1) communications, including short reach data communications, long distance communications, and microwave photonics; 2) biosensors, 3) quantum information.

At UBC, we have facilities to design, fabricate, and test silicon photonic devices and circuits.

Quantum silicon photonics: Using the relatively mature silicon photonics technology, and very mature CMOS electronics technology, we are aiming to implement a quantum computer. We are using a cavity quantum electrodynamics (cQED) approach with single atoms implanted in silicon as qubits, 4K cryogenic operation in vacuum, mid-IR wavelengths, single photon sources and detectors, and possibly NEMS. We are quickly assembling a world-class team to tackle this immense challenge.

We need intense efforts in developing process design kits and Libraries using detailed electromagnetic device design, together with achieving significant process improvements in electron beam lithography fabrication necessary to realize the quantum silicon photonics vision.

We are recruiting in the areas of:

  • photonic device design
  • photonic circuit design
  • computational electromagnetics
  • fabrication process innovation, statistical process control
  • experimental equipment design and development, including automation, cryogenics, laser design
  • photonic characterization and control
  • packaging and integration with external optics and electronics